What we do

Camp Management

We take care of your personnel, but our commitment goes far beyond this. We make sure it is our staff’s top priority to contribute to an enhancement of the quality of life of our guests. We have managed camps in the most extreme conditions and logistically demanding locations and understand the difficulty and utmost importance to maintain a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

The services we provide onsite typically include catering, housekeeping and laundry, but may include several additional services such as management of a convenience store, bar, soft maintenance, groundskeeping, pest control and security services.


Whether we manage an industrial kitchen in a remote camp or fine catering for a corporate event, we deliver food services tailored to your specific requirements, maintaining always a high level of quality and safety.

It’s our primary concern to deliver delicious and nutritionally balanced meals so we can ensure our Client’s well-being and productiveness.


A good asset management strategy is vital to maintain your company fully operational. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to timely intervene with maintenance and repairs, in order to extend the asset’s life and maintain a sound performance. We manage various infrastructures including camps, offices and condominiums, undertaking preventive and corrective maintenance at various levels: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, civil works, generator maintenance and water treatment systems. Additionally, we can undertake swimming pool maintenance, gym maintenance, waste management, sewerage treatment, pest-control and security services.


We provide a full range of cleaning services for various infrastructures and according to your specific needs. Our cleaning services comprise housekeeping, office cleaning, warehouses, ablutions, industrial cleaning, etc. Our services are delivered by highly qualified personnel, deploying the best practices, techniques and equipment, to ensure a high level of hygiene and comfort for your workforce.


We offer complete landscaping services including clean-ups of external areas, but also specialized gardening services such as irrigation, soil preparation, weeding, mowing and trimming. We understand the importance of a well-maintained landscape on your organization’s premises, so we make sure we accomplish this through our highly trained and dedicated team of professionals.